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Dales Evans & Co Ltd Chartered Accountants


Dales Evans & Co Ltd is a leading accounting firm in the music and entertainment industry, working with a wide range of artists, managers, producers, actors, record labels, music publishers and those in many other aspects of the entertainment business.  Our depth of knowledge and experience in the industry gives us the ability to find the right approach to your business while providing a very personal service tailored to your individual needs.

Our experience covers a wide range of clients, some performing in the largest international stadia and others in intimate local venues. Comprehensive service includes business management, worldwide taxation and accounting (both corporate and personal), royalties and touring. Big or small, we have vast experience in handling the financial management, accounting, taxation, Vat, royalties and almost anything else you may need.

Centrally located on Baker Street in London, our office is easily accessible. Contact us today to find out more.